Friday, October 2, 2009

Response from Clover Moore

I refer to your email about the closure of The Hopetoun Hotel.

The Hopetoun is an important part of the City’s live music scene. The City of Sydney is also disappointed by its closure.

The decision to close the Hopetoun was made by its management.

The City has worked with the Hopetoun in the past to ensure it meets it conditions of consent.
We have no outstanding concerns. Conditions of consent are put in place by consent authorities to ensure the benefits of a venue are balanced with patron safety, and to ensure a venue doesn’t adversely impact on residential amenity.

The City has been told that Police had concerns with the Hopetoun and recently issued a $3,000 penalty notice as it failed to provide adequate security staff.

The City is committed to creating a vibrant and diverse night-time economy where up and coming artists and musicians have an opportunity to thrive.

We are revitalising our forgotten laneways and encouraging small bars which can offer an alternative to large, high impact licensed premises and beer barns and create opportunities for musicians, artists and entrepreneur.

Yours sincerely
Clover Moore MP
Lord Mayor of Sydney

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