Friday, October 9, 2009

Annandale Hotel in trouble?

First it was the Hopetoun and now it looks like the Annandale Hotel is facing tough times in the future with trouble from Leichhardt Council.

Jamie Parker, the current Mayor of Leichhardt Council, is likely to be the Greens candidate for the seat of Balmain in the upcoming NSW state election in 2011. It's a marginal state seat the Greens want to win.

The NSW Greens policy on Arts states that they will:
Protect the provision of live entertainment in pubs and clubs
The Greens also have an outright majority on Leichhardt Council. They have the ability to change council by-laws and regulations to make it easier for venues like the Annandale that are vital to the local Sydney music scene.

You can email Mayor Parker to urge him and his fellow Green councillors to actually uphold his party's policies and support live music at the Annandale Hotel at

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